Our goal is to help you feel safe and confident as you complete life changing work.


Services Include

Psychotherapy / Counseling

Adults, Adolescents, Families, and Children Married and Unmarried Couples Including Premarital Counseling.

Clinical Supervision

Frank Shull, M.Ed., LCPC is registered with the State of Idaho to provide Supervision of licensed clinicians with a lower license who are working towards a higher one. Frank provides supervision based on EMDR, Thought Field Therapy, Cognitive/Behavioral, Adlerian, and Psycho-Dynamic therapy models and techniques.

experienced with many problems including:

ADHD & ADD   Depression   Anxiety   Panic Attacks   Post Traumatic Stress   Obsessive Compulsive D/O   Dissociative Identity D/O   Multiple Personality   Blackouts   Lost Time   Phobia   Trauma, Child Behavior Problems   Mariage Problems   Divorce   Domestic Violence   Anger Management   Rage Reduction   Grief and loss   Failing Health   Job Stress   Memory Problems

Preferred provider for over 70 insurance and EAP companies.

Counseling Available for



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